More than Fans

For the first time in history, an artist shares half of their hit’s copyright with their best fan.

The Campaign

Movistar wanted to promote its new theme song for 2016: Made of Wood by Kostrok. In collaboration with DDB we created the competition Más Que Fans (Spanish for “more than fans”), in which we measured the fans influence while sharing the song and taking part in the action. The prize: sharing the song copyrights with the band.

We developed a platform to entertain and engage the users during the 10 days of competition and it was launched in 8 countries.

Symbol: Side Arrows

Digital Footprint

When sharing the music video of Made of Wood and their own customized versions of it, and inviting friends to join the competition, the participants generated a digital footprint, through which we measured their influence on social networks.

Friends invited

UX and UI Design

User Tests

We performed user tests during the design and development phases, that allowed us to identify issues in an early stage of the design process and improve the user experience.

User Testing

Data Visualization

The key screen in the user journey was the Dashboard, that allowed the users to evaluate their performance and see their digital footprint reflected in multiple visualizations: graphs of their activity on social networks, graphs and maps of referred friends.

Data Visualization


During 10 days, the participants could collect badges for their actions in the platform, see their detailed influence reflected on infographics and compete against other users from the same country. They could also gain extra points by taking part in quizzes, mini games and inviting their friends to participate.

  • Mini Game - Videoclic
  • Mini Game - <em>Made of Wood</li> Hero
  • Ranking
  • Badges

Custom Videos

The final touch to create user engagement was the user-customized video: an interactive tool that allowed the users to create and share their own version of the video lyrics of Made of Wood.

Custom Videos


The platform was developed on HTML5, using Ember.js and Ruby on Rails. All the social networks activity was automatically tracked and the user rankings were updated on real-time.