Virtual Reality Experiences

We unleash the power of VR marketing.

Forget everything you’ve seen before


Immerse your audience into your brand’s universe. Literally.

Welcome to the era of untethered, multi-user, large scale, hyper realistic and interactive VR. Forget all that you have seen before because now this technology will truly fulfill the expectations of marketeers and their audiences.

Antiloop is a brand experience specialist and VR pioneer that will make your company take advantage of Virtual Reality’s potential.

There are brand experiences

and there are VR brand experiences


Turn your brand activation, product presentation or brand experience into a sci-fi movie and your customer into the main character.

The exponential evolution of VR in terms of hardware performance and price has turned this technology into an increasingly affordable solution while multiplying its powerful capacity for public impact. Now the possibilities of Virtual Reality have become endless and brands can now let their imagination fly to offer their audiences experiences that no other medium is or will be able to generate.

Even though it’s Virtual Reality, in reality it’s already real

Will you miss the opportunity to take your brand to the next level?

From storytelling to storyliving

The future of brands


Our VR branded experiences are a unique way to engage, inspire and impact your target audience.

The following are a few key elements of how we can achieve your ideal VR Branded Experience:

  • Storyliving: We create a “story to be lived” that fits your brand.

  • Immersion: We immerse the audience into your brand‘s universe.

  • Interaction: Your customer can interact with your brand values and product benefits.

  • Shared Experience: Multi-user VR is more memorable but it also ensures more rotation.

  • Exploration: We grant participants the necessary time to explore and learn by doing.

  • Emotional Connection: Convert your brand proposition into a brand sense of wonder.

Ready to bring your idea to life?

We develop tailor-made solutions

What are your brand’s needs?


Product launch, brand activation, corporate event, retail experience, media presentation, fairs, you name it.

Now you have the opportunity to try out one of the most versatile and powerful means that currently exist to connect with your audience. Our experience, strategic vision and creative capacity allow us to work hand in hand with our clients and develop totally customized projects for them.

From individual immersive experiences to multi-user VR experiences, in physical spaces of up to 150m2, our technology offers a wide range of solutions as impressive as they are effective. We also offer consulting services to help our partners define the implementation of their VR strategy.


A mindblowing experience like we’ve never seen before in Toyota. The perfect combination of technology and reality, in this case, Antiloop took our brand along with our clients to another universe, helping us demonstrate the real value of reliability in Toyota through a completely unique experience.



From Showing the future to Stepping into it.


CASA SEAT - Alive-Front

Holograms for freedom


CASA SEAT - Alive-Front

Toyota VR


CASA SEAT - Alive-Front

Human Beats



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