New VR project with Typeform

Oct 9, 2019

Brand Compass

How does your brand feel today?


We partnered with Typeform to create the VR version of Brand Compass – a digital tool that helps people to reflect on their communication-related values.




Normally in virtual reality, brands are looking for impact through excitement. However it was not the case with our friends from Typeform – they wanted us to come up with ideas that make the VR experience as introspective and calm as possible. 




We always say that VR has a certain degree of isolation which happened to be a benefit in this case.  




The application was meant to be minimalistic (as it comes with Typeform’s values) so crafting the small details kept us busy for weeks: transitions, movements and sound effects. 




When a project allows us to spend half a day improving a detail or a transition we feel that digital production can be another form of art. 




Typeform inaugurated the Brand Compass VR app in Boston at the TechTogether event and they will use it internally as an HR tool in the future.