What is a branded escape room?

Oct 9, 2019

From Storytelling to Story living 


Nowadays, choosing the proper channel to impact our audience might feel like an overwhelming task. Never before have there been so many tools to engage with customers, but how can we genuinely transcend the emotional barrier and connect with them in a lasting and profound relationship?


Over recent years, we’ve gained considerable experience in building interactive pieces, blending creativity with the latest technological tools, and consequently studying and analyzing our users’s reactions. This learning process has pushed us to better understand the dynamics and the long term impact we can gain on participants. However, our greatest learnings arrived while working on the escape room we developed for Audi to promote their first electric car launch. 


It was the first time we shifted from storytelling to story living. While a storytelling campaign might stick around on one’s head for a short time, story living truly stirred genuine emotions on participants. So much that, we had never experienced such an emotional engagement, they wanted more! While in storytelling users remain as inactive assets, in story living they become the active player of the narrative. Instead of only observing and listening, they are now completely immersed in the story. We discovered the great potential of escape rooms as branded experiences.  

One of the key elements of the e-tron room was the mix of elements that composed the overall experience. A well curated narrative, to whom participants could relate to, a studied set of challenges that would be tricky enough but very reassuring when solving them, and the wow factor from being able to experience first hand with the most innovative technological solutions. 


We observed, first hand, how effective it has been for Audi being able to stir such genuine positive emotions within participants, whom are more likely to associate those emotions with the brand. Story living is an added layer to marketing experiences, to which we are so excited to continue exploring through all the applicable channels, but with special interest in VR experiences