Antiloop Studio



At Antiloop we invent digital and physical solutions, unusual concepts and fresh interfaces. We specialize in pioneering new technologies.

  • Interactive Installations
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web Development
  • Game Development
  • AD Campaigns


Our digital production studio in Barcelona and development center in Budapest co-develop interactive installations, apps and websites for ambitious clients with unconventional needs.

We help brands, agencies and public organizations make their ideas come to life. To do this, we bring together the digital and physical world in a way that fascinates and implicates people. It’s important for us to co-create the project strategy with our clients and contribute with our extensive in-house talent.

How we collaborate

How we collaborate How we collaborate
  • Ideation and early stage concept development
  • Consultancy, innovation and esearch
  • Co-criation and collaboration
  • Digital Production



Bailen 11, bajos. 08010 Barcelona
+34 646 780 214
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